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Find Your Path

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Find Your True Path Exercise

One of the secrets to realizing your true path in this lifetime is found through a process of self-reflection and self-discovery designed to have your strengths, gifts, and bliss come into alignment. A lot of people confuse these three areas by thinking that they are the same thing, but they’re not. They are often collapsed into one thought process. It’s one of the major reasons why so many people are confused about their true career path. It is important to note the differences of how each are defined:


Something that you’re great at. It’s something that you do that’s better than other people. Some examples are being a fast runner or strong writer. It’s something that you’re good at all the time. That’s the key distinction here. It’s something that you consistently do well almost all of the time.


Something special that you have been bestowed with. It’s been given to you. A gift is like grace. You have simply been gifted this by God. Some examples are being a good listener or having an ability to connect with others. Talents and gifts are the same thing. It’s something innate that allows you to shine.


Is what makes you happy. It gives you pleasure. Some examples could be public speaking or having meaningful conversations. Another aspect of bliss is that it is a desire. It is something that you WANT. Bliss is an undercurrent. It’s always there in the background wanting expression.

Use these three distinctions in the following exercise to help you uncover your true path. Only by answering the questions in the most open, honest, and exploratory way, will you gain the clarity that you desire. So put yourself in fully! It is my wish that you step fully and freely onto your highest path.

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