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          “Inspiring and interactive presentations
that will have your group awaken to their highest purpose
and reach their highest potential.”


John has spoken to thousands through his seminars across the country.  From Fortune 500 companies and major conferences to leading Universities and local trade organizations.  Just a few of his seminar clients have included Billboard Magazine, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Dennis Publishing and Ultra Diamond retailers.

“John’s presentation was a home run! He sheds new light on how to have people make their strongest
first impression and create the right mentality so that they attract better quality prospects.
For those that are willing to take his suggestions, this will certainly increase their productivity.”

- Paul Dodd, Managing Partner, The Greater New York Group, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

John is available to present to your group on a variety of seminar topics that are custom tailored to your organization’s specific goals.  Some of these topics include:

Finding Your True Path

This presentation is packed with insights and enlightening exercises to have the individuals in your group get on the path of their true passion. The highlights include:

  • Discover the work you were born to do
  • Learn how to connect to yourself and others in a deeper way
  • Have your strengths, gifts and bliss come into alignment
  • See what it takes to step fully onto your highest path

 Deepening Your Path

 You’ve heard your calling.  Now, how can you make a prosperous living doing what you love? This seminar covers:

  • How to build certainty in all areas of your life
  • How to overcome your daily resistance to take big risks
  • The Majestic Path method to birthing your project
  • How to grow your client base vertically and horizontally
  • How to have your daily live performance leave people inspired and move them to action

 Making Your Strongest Impression

Sometimes, no matter how value-driven a person is, there can still be a gap in the way that they come across.  To attract your ideal clientele, it’s all about the energy that you project and the impression that you make.  Of course, people make up their mind of what they think about you in the first few seconds.

In this workshop, John shows you how to make your strongest impression and increase your chances for success.  Specifically, this workshop teaches:

  • How to craft a personal brand story rooted in your truth
  • How to speak powerfully about what you do – crafting the ultimate elevator pitch
  • How to make the most of social media(Linkedin, Facebook)
  • The 3 biggest imaging mistakes that people make
  • And much more!

For speaking fees or more information, call 917.439.1242 or email John directly.