What every true rock star does, whether it’s Lady Gaga, BeyoncĂ©, or Richard Branson, is they embrace their own true gifts. I’ve said it over and over – What rock stars do is they accentuate their strengths. That means that they look inside to find the thing about themselves that truly shines. They didn’t have to do anything to get it, other than realize that it was already there. I call this your Golden Light. The first step to greatness is realizing the Golden Light that is inside you. The second step to greatness is seeing how you can present your Golden Light to the world. It means putting forth your gift in a bold way that makes a statement.

I saw a great quote from Rumi recently:

“Seek not to find love, but to identify all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Maybe the same applies with our Golden Light. In order to attract the clarity and success that we desire, just seek to know those things that prevent us from realizing our Golden Light and bringing it out.

So, what is it that prevents you from realizing your Golden Light?

For me, it’s when I try to figure things out. It’s when I try to do things the right way. What I’ve realized is that if I’m trying to sort things out, the only place I can do that is in my mind. However, my golden light is my ability to open my heart fully to myself and others. It doesn’t require any mental activity. Somehow though, it’s amazing how I can get all in my head and just screw myself up. It’s astounding how I can have such an expansive and enlightening experience recently in Peru, and then come back to NY and feel the same resistance and procrastination that I had before I left. I’ve been asking myself for the last week, “What in the world is this resistance about?” Well, this morning I had the realization that I’m doing what I always do – I go in my head to try to figure out how I’m going to get into action around what’s most important to me. I’m trying to figure out the best actions to take, instead of just opening my heart, being present, allowing the universe or my intuition to show me the one thing to do in that moment, and then having the guts to actually take that step. To do the thing that is there to be done. The ONE THING that is there to be done. Not the TEN, but the ONE.

One of the realizations from my recent Peru trip was to stop trying to control things all the time and just allow myself to BE with my experiences. To just let my experiences be mine and not compare them to anyone else’s. That, for me, the only thing that matters is having an open heart and stepping forward on my path with nothing to prove, with just the quiet knowing that I’m doing what I can, this day, to realize myself.

For me this morning, that one step was writing this newsletter. Since this process worked for me, let me repeat those steps so that it might help you move into your golden light and do the one action that will move you forward to being on the path that you’re meant to be.

The Process

1) Release the judgments that you have about yourself

2) Become totally present and allow your heart to open

3) Listen to what the universe or your own intuition is telling you

4) Make one step forward with power on your path

May you realize your Golden Light and become Who You Truly Are.